| Francesco, Italia.

An unforgettable and magical week. A fantastic horse riding experience: hillside and ocean treks with breath taking views. Every aspect of the organization and staff members contributed to the success of our vacation. Thank you!

| Dr. Jorge Curbelo, San Carlos – Uruguay.

Last December I went horse riding with Huellas. I have always loved horses. We were 120 riders. I went with my children and we had the time of our lives. I’ve already spoken to the organization to book for this year.

| Valentina R., Empresa de logística de Zonamérica, Montevideo.

We had a really wonderful time. THANK YOU! Impeccable organization. Competent and friendly staff. Engaging teamwork dynamics. Magnificent and fun horse trek itinerary. Stunning natural landscapes. It was an absolutely enriching experience for our team. I recommend it 100%. We will definitely do it again.

| Myrna Proenza, Quarai. Brasil

Never had I seen the hills, the dunes, the full moon in such splendour as I did when riding with my friend Marito – the horse – my companion through the fields and beaches of my beloved Uruguay.

My experience with Huellas was beyond intense and profound. I will never forget it. It will remain in my heart forever as one of my greatest adventures. Thank you.

I remember being on a horse back as a little girl, but I never imagined I could ride with expert riders feeling so happy and confident. I want more.

I will do my best to master my body and my horse (easily said than done). To see you riding in total complicity with the horses was absolutely inspiring for me.

Congratulations, my friends!

| Oribe Lopez, Maldonado. Uruguay

Dear María Inés and “Pecas”,

It’s been a week since we went horse riding together.

I believe you are not aware of what you have done. Those three days riding with you were unforgettable.

I always say that throughout our lives we are granted moments of great happiness. Sometimes that feeling simply overwhelms our hearts (such as when my first grandchild was born, or when my children got their college degree)

Riding with you has brought a similar feeling of happiness to my heart, and for that I will be eternally grateful.

I promise to send you the pictures I took, which –by the way – are SPECTACULAR.

With all my heart, I embrace you.

“Life is not what we experience, but the memory of our experiences and how we tell what we remember” Gabriel García Márquez

| Ana Ines Manzano, Cordoba. Argentina

Full Moon Horse Ride

How can I summarize this horse riding experience? Everything for me was particularly WONDERFUL. Not only because I had the chance to share with you – my friend – such an experience which we both love so much, but also because the ride itself was AMAZING.

I can’t think of anything to constructively criticize. You are too professional. Evidently you have the know-how.

Bravo for the rich and colourful itinerary. I immensely enjoyed Rocha’s landscapes. I regret being too tired on our first night to be able to participate in the folk dances. Maybe if they had been scheduled for the last night I could have stayed up, because that is when everybody has become friends and nobody wants the experience to end.

I recommend shortening waiting times. At the time of getting ready to ride, maybe it’s helpful to split the crew into two groups: one for those riders who know how – and enjoy – prepping their horses on their own, and another group for those who – like me – have no clue whatsoever of how to saddle a horse and need assistance. Maybe this prevents the staff from going back and forth trying to help everyone.

I cannot highlight enough the good disposition of the staff as well as the quality of the horses. My horse was excellent: “manso” (obedient) but agile.

Super enjoyed our visit to Monte de Ombúes. A little “culture” is always welcome. I embraced tradition and experienced a genuine feeling of respect towards Nature.

As a “vegetarian” I was more than happy with our “special” treatment in every meal. Here an idea for future rides: red pepper stuffed with eggs or cheese and cooked on the grill.

It was like a dream to return from our rides in the wilderness to find all tables perfectly set, with tablecloths, silverware, napkins and homemade bread.

So grateful that you offer the possibility to choose to spend the night in little hotels, group tents or individual tents. In this way I felt free to live the experience according to my moods: I could choose to share with my friends, make new acquaintances or even spend some time alone and give in to the pleasures of a hot bath.

I super enjoyed “guitarreadas” – singing with gitars in the moonlight – special thanks to Moni’s varied repertoire.

I can only congratulate you on the human quality of your staff. It’s not a coincidence. It only reflects the human quality of the organization: Pecas and Melli.
Good-vibes, responsible and efficient.

Hugs and kisses.


Café & Negocios – El Observador

| 02/03/2014 – Una excursión a caballo para revivir la tradición gauchesca